9:17 AM 05/06/12       Barrel Race America, Version 11.1               Page 1   
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                            Producer: Stacy Scheller                            
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                        Location: Spicer Arena, Ault, CO                        
                    Table 1 Jackpot in Open 5/5 on 05/05/12                  
Paying to  6 placings, Jackpot Total = $  8017.50, Rider count = 158         
     1D Time = 17.270, Placings = 12, Pool = $ 2806.13                       
     2D Time = 17.770, Placings = 31, Pool = $ 2405.25                       
     3D Time = 18.270, Placings = 40, Pool = $ 1603.50                       
     4D Time = 18.770, Placings = 44, Pool = $ 1202.63                       
                     Not Placed = 31                                         
                               1D Placings                                   
   1st 17.270 $786.00         Kim Schulze on French Dream                    
   2nd 17.340 $673.00         Mary Cecilia Tharp on Lively                   
   3rd 17.371 $533.00         Lana Brown on Snazzy Leader                    
   4th 17.577 $393.00         Laura Lambert on Fiona                         
   5th 17.581 $253.00         Shali Lord on Bar None Extremes                
   6th 17.633 $168.00         Laura Lambert on A Master Disaster             
   7th 17.636                 Jayme Starr on Kruse                           
   8th 17.645                 Shali Lord on Dual Screen                      
   9th 17.654                 Tawni Salzbrenner on Rocket Fol                
  10th 17.700                 Kelley Schnaufer on Arklahoma                  
  11th 17.741                 Angie Hoss on Eysa Tiny Jet Guy                
  12th 17.757                 Janet Baughman on Feature Buster               
                               2D Placings                                   
   1st 17.856 $673.00         Jackie Stewart on Coreys Cash                  
   2nd 17.874 $577.00         Megan Preuit on Mrs.Banks to you               
   3rd 17.892 $397.00         Missi Jorgensen on Mac's Hoss                  
Tie    17.892 $397.00         Janet Baughman on Add a Dash                   
   5th 17.908 $216.00         Beth McKinney on Frenchmans Pacn to go         
   6th 17.920 $144.00         Cheryl Kennedy on YouLightAFire                
   7th 17.930                 Kris Martin on Dealer                          
   8th 17.966                 Dee Davis on Bully                             
   9th 17.978                 Mikala Nealy on Bouncy Doc Jones               
  10th 18.002                 Heather Ratterree on Clearwater Doc's Red      
  11th 18.006                 Cheryl Kennedy on MRF Track Angel              
  12th 18.007                 Karissa Brookshire on Hesa Farms Fortune       
  13th 18.049                 Karen Densmore on Sunshine Jones               
Tie    18.049                 Melanie Luark on Jo                            
  15th 18.056                 Laura Lambert on Dottie                        
  16th 18.073                 Wendy Fritzler on Senior Senora                
  17th 18.076                 Amanda Milton on Rodeo Pete                    
Tie    18.076                 Lake Mehalic on Mondays Buddy                  
  19th 18.079                 Natalie Hefley on Frenchmans Jazzy Joe         
  20th 18.130                 Laura Lambert on Zan                           
  21st 18.131                 Darla Taylor on VF Fames Lil Red               
  22nd 18.139                 Jamie Donnelly on Joesee                       
  23rd 18.184                 Rachel McKinney on Horse #1                    
9:17 AM 05/06/12       Barrel Race America, Version 11.1               Page 2   
                    Table 1 Jackpot in Open 5/5 on 05/05/12                  
Tie    18.184                 Deb Roberts on Moon D Rocket                   
  25th 18.240                 Samantha Tallent on Poco Pine Reward           
  26th 18.243                 Karissa Brookshire on Sweet Mist Jewel         
Tie    18.243                 Amy Wollert on Lady Got Guys                   
  28th 18.245                 Kari Boxleitner on Nick                        
  29th 18.249                 Jessie Altman on Apache                        
  30th 18.251                 Stacy Scheller on Love Peaches                 
  31st 18.261                 Ireland Crowe on Effron                        
                               3D Placings                                   
   1st 18.283 $449.00         Amy Van Pelt on Doc's Brite Sunny Dee          
   2nd 18.285 $385.00         Shanan Doherty on Bug in her britches          
   3rd 18.290 $305.00         Deb Schroetlin on Dashing With Sis             
   4th 18.300 $224.00         Dawn Lazor on Frenchmen Splenda                
   5th 18.340 $144.00         Britta O'Keefe on YHS Texs Roger               
   6th 18.341 $ 96.00         Kelley Schnaufer on Popper                     
   7th 18.350                 Hannah Montey on Merridocs Mud Bugs            
Tie    18.350                 Allison McMillan on Johnny                     
   9th 18.382                 Joella Opatril on Kindra                       
  10th 18.400                 Carol Ruggieri on Rugrat Te                    
  11th 18.415                 Pam Busch on Holey Whiz                        
  12th 18.423                 Wendy Fritzler on Lulas Red Roan               
  13th 18.428                 Kegan Huckle on A Blew Lady Rebel              
  14th 18.447                 Lake Mehalic on Raisin Reward                  
  15th 18.456                 Debbie Robbins on Burner                       
  16th 18.459                 Sheryl Robson on King Jetta Bug                
  17th 18.465                 Cindy Thompson on Reseda Cash                  
  18th 18.466                 Mikala Nealy on Leave it to Weaver             
  19th 18.474                 Megan Hart on Sporty Georgeanne                
  20th 18.484                 Amy Wollert on Elloise                         
  21st 18.485                 Judi Kapperman on Big Ten daddy                
  22nd 18.492                 Christine Laughlin on Johnny Raider            
  23rd 18.497                 Mary Cecelia Tharp on Hellzafire               
  24th 18.521                 Cassie Matsuda on Sr.Slick                     
  25th 18.548                 Elaine Lowell on Spirit at Dusk                
Tie    18.548                 Karen Anderson on One Quick Doc                
  27th 18.551                 Rianna Welch on Boston On Fire                 
  28th 18.555                 Hannah Montey on Agony's Chick Delight         
  29th 18.570                 Kelly Conrado on C Four Itsa Whatsit           
  30th 18.581                 Dammy Johnson on MFR Power Of Ernie            
  31st 18.595                 Taryn Boxleitner on 53                         
  32nd 18.605                 Lindee Louhan on Sugar Joe Monday              
  33rd 18.632                 Nathalie Snyder on Sparky Te Twist             
Tie    18.632                 Dawn Lazor on Cola                             
  35th 18.663                 Sherri Carr on VF Csh on Fire                  
  36th 18.675                 Dena Jaminet on Josie                          
  37th 18.703                 Bonnie Wheatley on Moonlit Chic                
  38th 18.707                 Maggie Poloncic on Five                        
  39th 18.729                 Julie Innes on Dash N Jose                     
  40th 18.766                 Kari Boxleitner on Major Suzee Wood            
                               4D Placings                                   
9:17 AM 05/06/12       Barrel Race America, Version 11.1               Page 3   
                    Table 1 Jackpot in Open 5/5 on 05/05/12                  
   1st 18.771 $337.00         Brandi Crowe on Hot Lips Leader                
   2nd 18.781 $289.00         Kathy Gannon on Smokin Fols Molly              
   3rd 18.796 $228.00         Kim Supan on High on Harris                    
   4th 18.852 $168.00         Marilyn Veatch on OBD Leo Gift                 
   5th 18.913 $108.00         Ivy Conrado on Dash N Blurr                    
   6th 18.930 $ 72.00         Maggie Poloncic on Miss Silver Fame            
   7th 18.932                 Kelly Conrado on Bit of Flame of Fire          
   8th 18.992                 Cheryl Kennedy on Ridin her Diamonds           
   9th 19.037                 Laura Lambert on Maggie                        
  10th 19.044                 Jason Taylor on Lethal Overdose                
  11th 19.050                 Chris Gibson on Money                          
  12th 19.069                 Dammy Johnson on Dr. D Bully                   
  13th 19.111                 Sherri Carr on Docs Foxy Valentine             
  14th 19.113                 Renee Rownd on CFour Willie B Chilly           
  15th 19.117                 Hannah Montey on Lickity Spilit LuLu           
  16th 19.140                 Karina Price on Sadies Chick GE                
  17th 19.159                 Natalie McCall on Pockets                      
  18th 19.199                 Leann Kaiser on BB Royal Frenchman             
  19th 19.233                 Jamie Harrison on Hot Skeeter Bug              
  20th 19.234                 Rianna Welch on MHR Shining Gold Bar           
  21st 19.274                 Michelle Nealy on Lunar Gold Lady              
  22nd 19.275                 Hali Scott on Frenchmans Kim                   
  23rd 19.287                 Mary Carson on Teques White Knight             
  24th 19.318                 Rosemary Egolf on Sandy Parr Zandy             
  25th 19.320                 Patty Guthrie on Kenos Smokin Ace              
  26th 19.385                 Robin Augstad on Dal Coaltrain                 
Tie    19.385                 Rande Bernal on Stanley                        
  28th 19.454                 Jody Matsuda on Black Rose Emma                
  29th 19.517                 Shanan Doherty on Dash In Ta Fame              
  30th 19.530                 Deb Ornelas on Lobo                            
  31st 19.593                 Abbie Tanabe on Superman                       
  32nd 19.610                 Cynthia Heitmann on Jose Speck of Coal         
  33rd 19.995                 Brandi Crowe on Guys Misty Moon                
  34th 20.169                 Debbie O'Doherty on Jills AngelDoImpress       
  35th 20.683                 Kate Spaur on Belles Handy Lynx                
  36th 20.740                 Hali Scott on Smart Little on Rey              
  37th 20.796                 Mandy Devencenty on Julia                      
  38th 21.106                 Kate Spaur on Lil Easy Six Moons               
  39th 21.223                 Judi Kapperman on Indy                         
  40th 21.259                 Ivy Conrado on Dox Iron Maiden                 
  41st 22.248                 Jolie Hannah on Fols Havilah                   
  42nd 24.118                 Alicia Mehon on Oros Dunkin                    
  43rd 24.802                 Taryn Boxleitner on Cee Another Stop           
  44th 32.584                 Jane Nolan on Diesel                           
N/T    400.000                Jaque Barnes-Little on Twice the Beduino       
N/T    417.345                Kelley Schnaufer on Six Pack                   
N/T    417.471                Kim Schulze on Vegas Speed                     
N/T    417.524                Tara McChesney on LR Duster                    
N/T    417.671                Susan Hall on Mist E Chrome                    
N/T    417.760                Christine Laughlin on Dunnits Genuine 007      
9:17 AM 05/06/12       Barrel Race America, Version 11.1               Page 4   
                    Table 1 Jackpot in Open 5/5 on 05/05/12                  
N/T    418.054                Brandy Varner on Someones Smokin               
N/T    418.056                Tina Yocam on Southern Rascal                  
N/T    418.091                Deb Schroetlin on Wrangler Roll                
N/T    418.440                Janelle Latourneau on Fort Coventry            
N/T    418.505                Jo Wilson on Classic View                      
N/T    418.663                Robin Cole on No Time To Brake                 
N/T    418.706                Shannon Decker on Wind Tracker Jack            
N/T    418.740                Amy Wollert on BR Cash N Taz                   
N/T    418.774                Mary Cecelia Tharp on Athena of Flit           
N/T    418.805                Samantha Tallent on Wild Gray Flash            
N/T    419.242                Susan Hatch on Colonel                         
N/T    419.277                Jenna Evans on Will He Jazz                    
N/T    419.277                Sara Gannon on Lola                            
N/T    419.420                Darcy De Mottos on Premier Charge              
N/T    419.429                Mandy Devencenty on Etta's Harley Jett         
N/T    419.978                Bobbi Smith on Glo Like Hail                   
N/T    420.233                Callie Cummings on Emmy                        
N/T    421.101                Samantha Tallent on Shakem Sam                 
N/T    422.239                Lorie Diodosio on Frenchmans Colours           
N/T    425.932                Carol Ruggieri on Blue and Silver Rapper       
N/T    426.000                Carole Strickland on Gray                      
N/T    426.825                Renee Rownd on Unexpected Return               
N/T    427.015                Patti Roberts on Miss N Freckle Oakie          
N/T    499.999                Samantha Kappen on Dash to Zevi                
N/T    499.999                Billie Ray Miller on CJ