4:56 PM 09/19/12       Barrel Race America, Version 11.1               Page 1   
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                            Producer: NO BRAKES TOUR   
                                      SPICER ARENA                        
                       Table 1 Jackpot in Open 9/15 on 09/15/12                 
                               1D Placings                                   
   1st 16.519 $629.00         Wendy Fritzler on Senior Senora                
   2nd 16.666 $515.00         Kelly Kennedy on Dashers Hot Panajet           
   3rd 16.680 $382.00         Janet Baughman on Add a Dash                   
   4th 16.840 $248.00         Janet Baughman on Feature Buster               
   5th 16.854 $ 67.00         Barb Powell on Glory Bound                     
Tie    16.854 $ 67.00         Kim Hitchcox on Peach                          
   7th 16.883                 Luke Robinson on Quick Maxine                  
   8th 16.890                 Kathy Gannon on Smokin Fols Molly              
   9th 16.935                 Vicki Schwindt on Rockin Norman                
  10th 16.952                 Karen Turek on CM Dynamite Asset               
  11th 16.967                 Julie Weinstien on High King of Cash           
  12th 16.984                 Melanie Luark on Jo                            
  13th 16.999                 Wendy Fritzler on Lulas Red Roan               
  14th 17.001                 Kathy-Korell Rach on Julias Jewels             
  15th 17.010                 Bethany Gable on Yankees Easy Jet              
                               2D Placings                                   
   1st 17.022 $540.00         Kris Martin on Dealer                          
   2nd 17.032 $441.00         Luke Robinson on Gunner                        
   3rd 17.079 $327.00         Connie Compton on Skeeter                      
   4th 17.084 $213.00         Vicky Murray on Amigo                          
   5th 17.087 $114.00         Laura Lambert on Louie                         
   6th 17.091                 Brandy Varner on San Bertalena                 
   7th 17.106                 Paige Conrado on C4 Legend                     
   8th 17.157                 Kayla Tisdall on Conclusive Heartbeat          
   9th 17.162                 Karen Turek on Cinnamon Dolce                  
  10th 17.192                 Beth McKinney on Frenchmans Pacn to go         
  11th 17.219                 Lanette Pritchard on Skips Knut                
  12th 17.234                 Jackie Hubbard on Lil Rocks Clu                
  13th 17.251                 Melissa Ford on Bailey                         
  14th 17.265                 Kegan Huckle on A Blew Lady Rebel              
  15th 17.270                 Vicky Murray on CC Hickory Holly Doc           
  16th 17.320                 Shanan Doherty on Flame Of Hot digity          
  17th 17.342                 Hannah Montey on Tye                           
  18th 17.365                 Brooke Lanning on RoyalQuicksilverdash         
  19th 17.370                 Peg Bath on Vanna Sue                          
  20th 17.372                 Dammy Johnson on Dr. D Bully                   
4:56 PM 09/19/12       Barrel Race America, Version 11.1               Page 2   
                    Table 1 Jackpot in Open 9/15 on 09/15/12                 
  21st 17.376                 Janie Petramala on Easy Jet Fools Gold         
  22nd 17.384                 Stacy Scheller on Big Win Floyd                
  23rd 17.403                 Samantha Kappen on Dash to Zevi                
  24th 17.433                 Babette Cary on Musical Firewater              
  25th 17.456                 Maggie Read on Oakie                           
  26th 17.464                 Luke Robinson on KN Leap of Faith              
  27th 17.471                 Suzanne Schlieker on Ole Baby Smasher          
  28th 17.491                 Missi Jorgensen on Mac's Hoss                  
  29th 17.496                 Mandy Devencenty on Flying Blue Chip           
  30th 17.507                 Stacy Scheller on Love Peaches                 
                               3D Placings                                   
   1st 17.527 $360.00         Holly Daniels on Sparky                        
   2nd 17.539 $294.00         Valerie Elliot on Don                          
   3rd 17.549 $218.00         Grace Ann Walker on Bullys Primetimediva       
   4th 17.551 $142.00         Hayley Wegele on Mrh Sunset Delight            
   5th 17.585 $ 76.00         Kate Spaur on Lil Easy Six Moons               
   6th 17.603                 Kim Supan on Harrison                          
   7th 17.628                 Hannah Montey on Shreck                        
   8th 17.635                 Courtney White on Lady Got guys                
   9th 17.640                 Frankie Drullinger on Shake N Bug              
  10th 17.648                 Hannah Montey on Big Red                       
  11th 17.658                 Elaine Lowell on Spirit at Dusk                
  12th 17.677                 Connie Compton on Chiva                        
  13th 17.688                 Austin Pittman on Elli                         
  14th 17.697                 Chelsea Toy on Zippos Three Dee                
  15th 17.716                 Julie Campbell on Hesa Dr.Kirk                 
  16th 17.719                 Chris Gibson on Stick With Money               
  17th 17.726                 Melanie Luark on Meter                         
  18th 17.738                 Shelly Morris on OSU Howdy                     
  19th 17.746                 Colleen Vossler on Cash                        
  20th 17.850                 Barb Powell on Fly to Heaven                   
  21st 17.885                 Kelli White on Marks Charming Flyer            
  22nd 17.889                 Dammy Johnson on MFR Power Of Ernie            
  23rd 17.899                 Jami Hawkins on Cirque                         
  24th 17.913                 Hannah Montey on Honey                         
  25th 17.946                 Chris Gibson on Fawnee Bar                     
  26th 17.950                 Jami Hawkins on Legacy Cord                    
  27th 17.956                 Tabatha Hollingsworth on Dancingwiththeangel   
  28th 18.002                 LeAnn Smith on Ben                             
                               4D Placings                                   
   1st 18.024 $270.00         Rande Bernal on Stanley                        
   2nd 18.029 $192.00         Ruth Stevenson on Sparky                       
Tie    18.029 $192.00         Crystal Meecham on MF Romp & Skip              
   4th 18.063 $106.00         Mary Brighi on Six Duster                      
   5th 18.066 $ 57.00         Jill Hinze on Torch                            
   6th 18.108                 Carole Strickland on Truley a Braker           
   7th 18.119                 Megan Conley on CJ Rose                        
   8th 18.221                 Lynnsey Roberts on Cisco Poco Prissy           
4:56 PM 09/19/12       Barrel Race America, Version 11.1               Page 3   
                    Table 1 Jackpot in Open 9/15 on 09/15/12                 
   9th 18.275                 Cody Adams on Charlene                         
  10th 18.278                 Patty Guthrie on Kenos Smokin Ace              
  11th 18.281                 Babette Cary on Simon                          
  12th 18.294                 Connie Nelson on Blessing                      
  13th 18.365                 Alaina Goble on Wachita Blue                   
  14th 18.370                 Alaina Goble on Racey Strawfly                 
  15th 18.379                 Tim Bath on Quatro                             
  16th 18.562                 Lori Peterson on Cora                          
  17th 18.573                 Tammy Arnold on Wilson                         
  18th 18.589                 Rachelle Stenvik on Maddy                      
  19th 18.607                 Char Long on Mr.Smoken Explosion               
  20th 18.726                 Kelly Lear on Chivatos Little Queen            
  21st 18.749                 Judy Gunson on Alive and Firen Bullitt         
  22nd 18.827                 Lynnsey Roberts on Newport Valor               
  23rd 18.964                 Tess Norvell on Refund                         
  24th 19.005                 Jody Dodson on Smitty                          
  25th 19.268                 Jaynie Humann on Poco                          
  26th 19.445                 Tammy Arnold on Concho Star Mack               
  27th 21.412                 Kim Wermling on A Rare Perk                    
  28th 24.336                 Cathy Fergeson on Pocos Colateral              
N/T    400.000                Shanan Doherty on Dash In Ta Fame              
N/T    416.554                Dianne Luark on VVR Basin Cartel               
N/T    416.558                Megan Preuit on Mrs.Banks to you               
N/T    417.141                Brenda Hinze on Mooner                         
N/T    417.179                Cindy Thompson on Reseda Cash                  
N/T    417.230                Brandy Varner on Ditto                         
N/T    417.513                Cody Ann Wood on Pacey                         
N/T    417.644                Grace Ann Walker on Cats Six lives             
N/T    417.803                Stacey Smallwood on Right Flashy               
N/T    417.887                Shanan Doherty on Bug in her britches          
N/T    418.287                Hannah Montey on Spud                          
N/T    418.412                Hannah Montey on Merridocs Mud Bugs            
N/T    418.737                Kathy-Korell Rach on I Be a Barjo Belle        
N/T    418.845                Hannah Montey on Agony's Chick Delight         
N/T    418.945                Loretta Grosset on Lucy                        
N/T    419.223                Abbie Tanabe on Superman                       
N/T    420.929                Kammi Adams on Mitos Dashing Chic              
N/T    423.760                Dee Burgess on Ruland Sun Bar Frost            
N/T    439.918                Shawn Smith on Flyin Hemi