10:14 AM 09/05/11      Barrel Race America, Version 11.1               Page 1   
         Copyright (C) 2004-2008 by Charlie Horse Ranch Timing Systems          
                            Producer: Stacy Scheller                            
                      Contact: Stacy Scheller 970-834-2863                      
                        Location: Spicer Arena, Ault, CO                        
                    Table 1 Jackpot in Open 9/4 on 09/03/11                  
Paying to  6 placings, Jackpot Total = $  8017.50, Rider count = 158         
     1D Time = 16.090, Placings = 14, Pool = $ 2806.13                       
     2D Time = 16.590, Placings = 45, Pool = $ 2405.25                       
     3D Time = 17.090, Placings = 39, Pool = $ 1603.50                       
     4D Time = 17.590, Placings = 37, Pool = $ 1202.63                       
                     Not Placed = 23                                         
                               1D Placings                                   
   1st 16.090 $786.00         Laura Lambert on Guys On A High                
   2nd 16.209 $673.00         Andrea Busby on First Bidder                   
   3rd 16.406 $533.00         Laura Lambert on A Master Disaster             
   4th 16.458 $393.00         Kelcey Haas on Blairs Falcon                   
   5th 16.461 $253.00         Cally Cummings on Wily Lynx                    
   6th 16.477 $168.00         Hannah Montey on Complete Bully                
   7th 16.489                 Wendy Chambers on WR Bayleis Beggar            
   8th 16.491                 Kathy-Korell Rach on Julias Jewels             
   9th 16.501                 Heather Mccall on I am Cool Dasher             
  10th 16.515                 Tara McChesney on LR Duster                    
  11th 16.523                 Shannan Doherty on Flame Of Hot Digity         
  12th 16.536                 Brandi Crowe on Hottie                         
Tie    16.536                 Brandi Crowe on Hottie                         
  14th 16.573                 Jordon Briggs on A Special Colour              
                               2D Placings                                   
   1st 16.633 $673.00         Rashae Kanode on Snoopy                        
   2nd 16.645 $577.00         Wendy Fritzler on Senior Senora                
   3rd 16.655 $457.00         Kris Martin on Starwater Flit                  
   4th 16.705 $337.00         Mary Cecelia Tharp on Athena of Flit           
   5th 16.721 $216.00         Melanie Luark on Too Kool Jo                   
   6th 16.722 $144.00         Deb Schroetlin on Dashing With Sis             
   7th 16.725                 Alissa Burson on Frenchmans Highlight          
   8th 16.738                 Lynn Laramore on Special Bugsy                 
   9th 16.742                 Angie Hoss on All Eyes On Jackie B             
  10th 16.778                 Danielle Lamb on Finas River Raren             
  11th 16.787                 Teresa Jessop on Patsy Joe Shawnee             
Tie    16.787                 Bernice Richards on Briana's Pure Country      
  13th 16.798                 Lisa McCorkel on WK Versaymagnique             
  14th 16.801                 Babette Cary on Musical Firewater              
  15th 16.809                 Kelly Schnaufer on Arklahoma                   
  16th 16.821                 Hope Delaware on Take the Cash Quick           
  17th 16.826                 Jamie Marak on Ten Rounds of Jose Cuervo       
  18th 16.831                 Tammy Bova on Blitz                            
  19th 16.832                 Royce Romberg on Forrest Gump                  
  20th 16.840                 Janet Baughman on Add a Dash                   
  21st 16.841                 Chris Gibson on Money                          
10:14 AM 09/05/11      Barrel Race America, Version 11.1               Page 2   
                    Table 1 Jackpot in Open 9/4 on 09/03/11                  
  22nd 16.847                 Nicole Schmidt on Skipa Printz                 
  23rd 16.848                 Brianna Braun on DG Beduino Shuffle            
  24th 16.854                 Lisa Starr on Mocha                            
  25th 16.900                 Allison McMillan on Johnny                     
  26th 16.907                 Jeff Varner on Honor this Non Stop             
  27th 16.921                 Angie Weisen on Alero Classic                  
  28th 16.924                 Julie Campbell on Hesa Dr.Kirk                 
  29th 16.927                 Wendy Chambers on Sugar Te N Wood              
  30th 16.929                 Karen Taylor on TH Try                         
  31st 16.931                 Eileen Egolf on Summits Gold Spark             
  32nd 16.940                 Chelle Wahlert on Jim Buck Fox                 
  33rd 16.945                 Rosemary Egolf on Geta Holt                    
  34th 16.955                 Danielle Lamb on KGR Flying R Eva              
  35th 16.961                 Jody Knight on Freckles San Pebble             
  36th 16.965                 Kristi Roe on Bodie                            
  37th 16.983                 Jamie Marak on Kay Cross Cadillac              
  38th 17.011                 Dammy Johnson on MFR Power Of Ernie            
  39th 17.013                 Wendy Frtizler on Lulas Red Roan               
  40th 17.017                 Amanda Milton on Rodeo Pete                    
  41st 17.043                 Lanette Pritchard on Skips Knut                
  42nd 17.064                 Jamie Smith on Joesee                          
  43rd 17.068                 Jordon Briggs on French Mirage                 
  44th 17.071                 Wendy Chambers on OBD Truth Or Dare            
  45th 17.076                 Dammy Johnson on Dr. D Bully                   
                               3D Placings                                   
   1st 17.096 $449.00         Candace Lohstroh on Bingo trip                 
   2nd 17.128 $385.00         Brandy Varner on San Bertalena                 
   3rd 17.133 $305.00         Hannah Montey on Agony's Chick Delight         
   4th 17.142 $224.00         Hannah Montey on Merridocs Mud Bugs            
   5th 17.147 $144.00         Maggie Read on Oakie                           
   6th 17.155 $ 96.00         Karen Turek on Cinnimon Dolce                  
   7th 17.165                 Jill Hinze on Badger's Aloha Girl              
   8th 17.184                 Pam Busch on Holey Whiz                        
   9th 17.190                 Laura Lambert on LJ Exclusively Smug           
  10th 17.208                 Amanda Milton on Krusher Kawalski              
  11th 17.217                 Hope Sickler on MVP Chasin Vegas               
  12th 17.220                 Shali Lord on Rappers Last Dance               
  13th 17.225                 Laura Lambert on Sure to be a Star             
  14th 17.250                 Valerie Schneider on Ruben Nite                
  15th 17.258                 Becky Carson on Razor Wire                     
  16th 17.260                 Amanda Rino on Strawflyin Dash                 
  17th 17.265                 Samantha Tallent on Poco Pine Reward           
  18th 17.274                 Kim Witman on CA Special Streak                
  19th 17.279                 Alaina Goble on Okie Garauntee                 
  20th 17.280                 Cody Adams on Flashy Meter Maid                
  21st 17.283                 Wendy Chambers on Apache Sheena Jo             
  22nd 17.293                 Melinda Wheeler on Bugs Whiskey Runner         
  23rd 17.297                 Tara McChesney on MVP Firewater Punch          
  24th 17.310                 Twanna Brizendine on Leos Quixote              
10:14 AM 09/05/11      Barrel Race America, Version 11.1               Page 3   
                    Table 1 Jackpot in Open 9/4 on 09/03/11                  
  25th 17.317                 Myra Masters on Sickel PlayBoy                 
  26th 17.321                 Ivy Conrado on MS Flamming Firewater           
  27th 17.322                 Taylor Laramore on MP Co Drifter               
  28th 17.354                 Stacey Smallwood on Wild Remedy                
  29th 17.359                 Megan Hart on Sporty Georgeanne                
  30th 17.385                 Sherry Massey on Stella                        
  31st 17.408                 Brandy Varner on Lola                          
  32nd 17.418                 Rachel Hinze on Dry Creek Tiki Rey             
  33rd 17.446                 Natalie McCall on Pockets                      
  34th 17.507                 Jo Ann Kane on JJ Jets Wild Heart              
  35th 17.517                 Kendra Timm on Hugs Bonanza                    
  36th 17.520                 Kim Witman on Crickets Scout                   
  37th 17.527                 Kelly Conrado on Frenchmans Foul Sox           
  38th 17.537                 Kammi Adams on Mesa                            
  39th 17.544                 Kaycee Starkey on Dats Real Easy               
                               4D Placings                                   
   1st 17.599 $337.00         Ashley Kroul on Cannon Disco Rocket            
   2nd 17.614 $289.00         Jaque Barnes-Little on Twice the Beduino       
   3rd 17.625 $228.00         Jami Hawkins on Legacy Cord                    
   4th 17.647 $168.00         Tonya Meiman on Trevasts Classy Lady           
   5th 17.677 $108.00         Cody Hornbuckle on JK Tuff Treat               
   6th 17.742 $ 72.00         Deb Schroetlin on Wrangler Roll                
   7th 17.756                 Mackenzie Miller on Leo Otoe Cash Bar          
   8th 17.799                 Janet Neilson on Silver Zazzy Hi               
   9th 17.821                 Missi Jorgensen on Mac's Hoss                  
  10th 17.833                 Hannah Menhennett on Bonzai Beetle Bug         
  11th 17.846                 Kelly Conrado on Ace                           
  12th 17.872                 Shelly Boyd on Lionheart                       
  13th 17.896                 Marcia King on Macs Sugar Candy                
  14th 17.926                 Natalie Snyder on Mias Mine                    
  15th 17.932                 Suzanne Schlieker on Ole Baby Smasher          
  16th 18.005                 Patti Roselle Kane on Sugar Styling Star       
  17th 18.042                 Amanda Howard on Dakota                        
  18th 18.043                 Royce Romberg on Mague                         
  19th 18.070                 Rosemary Egolf on Take A look Guys             
  20th 18.191                 Kristen Hupp on Rock                           
  21st 18.288                 Lisa Kamtz on Cinco Go Boy                     
  22nd 18.327                 Jami Hawkins on Wiley Pine                     
  23rd 18.377                 Karen Martin on Spook                          
  24th 18.379                 Judy Gunson on Alive and Firen Bullitt         
  25th 18.388                 Trisha Crain on Annie                          
  26th 18.410                 Traci Swisher on New Brown Wranglers           
  27th 18.474                 Mary Brighi on Zans Diamond Leslie             
  28th 18.668                 Lindsey Hart on Zeke                           
  29th 18.908                 Patti Magby on The Cowboy Way                  
  30th 19.039                 Danyell Mandell on Vegas                       
  31st 19.063                 Deenie Marsh on Flash the Bullion              
  32nd 19.435                 Nicole Schmidt on Rare Honeycomb               
  33rd 19.649                 Erin Giusti on Tiger Are Star                  
10:14 AM 09/05/11      Barrel Race America, Version 11.1               Page 4   
                    Table 1 Jackpot in Open 9/4 on 09/03/11                  
  34th 19.675                 Patty Guthrie on Easy Jets Keno                
  35th 20.023                 Shea Ross on Roxy                              
  36th 22.307                 Amanda Ross on WK Blessedtobeabully            
  37th 25.252                 Shawn Smith on Flyin Hemi                      
N/T    400.000                Amanda Milton on Truly Legend                  
N/T    400.000                Deb Roberts on Moon D Rocket                   
N/T    400.000                Kate Spaur on Belles Handy Lynx                
N/T    416.562                Becky Miller on Dietrichs Windwalker           
N/T    416.691                Janet Baughman on Feature Buster               
N/T    416.910                Lindsey Hart on Luke                           
N/T    416.915                Vickie Kistler on  Rockin Norman               
N/T    416.931                Jamie Starr on BB Edition                      
N/T    416.957                Shay Stiles on I B Tardy                       
N/T    417.029                Danielle Lamb on Speedy Reno                   
N/T    417.126                Bonnie Wheatley on Moonlit Chic                
N/T    417.129                Kelley Hewes on Shez Lotsa Legends             
N/T    417.201                Stacy Scheller on Love Peaches                 
N/T    417.213                Andrea Busby on Shawnee's Feature              
N/T    417.229                Jo Ann Kane on Droppin your Money              
N/T    417.307                Judi Kapperman on Big Ten daddy                
N/T    417.429                Kristie Peterson on Bought on Credit           
N/T    417.490                Donica Boulette on Ruby                        
N/T    417.528                Julie Weinstien on High King of Cash           
N/T    417.754                Crystal Meecham on MF Romp & Skip              
N/T    418.016                Kegan Huckle on Zans Gold King                 
N/T    418.266                Cody Hornbuckle on Mr.Speedy Money             
N/T    418.874                Ivy Conrado on Life Ta Legend