THANK YOU FOR ALL THE NICE COMMENTS!!! that is what makes it all worth it at the end of the day =)

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Sally Ann Fosha

Monday June 3, 2013

Calhan, CO

Bonnie & Staff: Thank you for a marvelous barrel race at the Pueblo State Fair Grounds this past weekend. It all ran so smoothly, the ground was great and the weather perfect. Everyone was friendly and helpful and it was a lot of fun. The sponsors do a wonderful job as well as you and your staff is putting on this major event. Next time I'll be sure and attend BOTH days!

Sally Ann Fosha

Wednesday May 8, 2013

Calhan, CO

To Bonnie and her staff: Thank you for such a well organized event! You all worked hard and the race was carried out in a professional and friendly manner. I also love the new format you used for the race results. Thank you for working with all of us barrel racers to produce such an outstanding race. I look forward to your next big event!


Wednesday May 8, 2013

Ft Collins

We came Sat only. Julie rode my horse, French Dynamite aka Frenchy and landed in top of the 4D! 2 friends and I came along to cheer her along. We all just had a great time....thanks again, Bonnie and Stacey for a great show!

Kristella Whaley

Wednesday July 18, 2012


I cant wait to actually expiriance this race. It sounds like a great time the way everyone talks about it. My 2 horse's and I cant wait.

Stacy Scheller

Tuesday May 8, 2012


Thank You Spin3 Productions for allowing me to be a part of such a GREAT event!! The 15th Annual Rocky Mountain Super Race was a Blast, I cannot wait for the next one!!!

Leah Z.

Monday May 7, 2012


This was my 1st super race and my farmily and I had a great time. Looking forwar to doing more. Thank you all. Leah

Kim Schulze

Monday May 7, 2012

Bonnie, Carole, and everyone that helped put on the Spin 3 race, you guys are AWESOME! EVERYTHING ran so smooth, the ground was great, the office staff was so friendly! It's so nice to come to a race and truly feel welcome! You all do such a great job! Anyone that missed the race this weekend....... I'm sorry! You missed a GREAT ONE!! Better plan on attending the one in September you WON'T be disappointed!! The pay out was GREAT! The awards were amazing! Thanks again for a wonderful weekend! You guys ROCK!! God bless you all! Kim Schulze


Tuesday May 11, 2010

Colorado Springs

Bonnie and Crew: Thanks for everything you did to put on a great race this past weekend. All of your hard work and effort is appreciated. Looking forward to the race in September. Thanks, too, for working with Carol and MHBHA so that we can earn points at your races.


Tuesday May 11, 2010

Sedalia, CO

Hi Bonnie & crew, thanks so much for everything this past weekend. What fantastic runs were put together all three days! The race was run so well and everyone was so nice and accommodating, right down to the ride time managers. So, thanks again, Good Lord willin' and the creek don't rise, we'll see you next time:


Tuesday May 11, 2010

This weekend was great. I had a really nice time. The best actualy. I appreciate all the hard work and I really hope to see you in May!


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